Monday, March 26, 2012

Flower Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

Looking for a fun cupcake design that would work for a baby shower or bridal shower? Try making these flower cupcakes!

Flower Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

Your favorite cake recipe
A full batch of icing
Decorating bags with tips and couplers
Wilton Sugar Pearls
Wilton Cupcake Cups

I found these baking cups in my local Joann's Fabric and Craft Store in the cake decorating aisle and realized they'd be perfect for an upcoming baby shower for a co-worker. Aren't they cute?
The directions on the package said to use three tablespoons of cake batter per cup. My small cookie scoop is one tablespoon, so I scooped three of them into each flower cup.

Then I used tip #32 to make a large rosette on top of each cupcake. In the center of each flower, I put five Wilton Sugar Pearls.

There was enough cake batter left that I was able to fill a six-inch round cake pan. Since I made both chocolate and yellow cupcakes, the little cake I made had a yellow layer on top of a chocolate layer with a raspberry filling in the middle.

My co-workers did a beautiful job arranging the cake and cupcakes on the table with the punch. Yummy!


  1. Very pretty! At first I thought you cut all the cupcake paper by hand!

  2. Janette,

    Ha! That would have taken a really long time--as if I didn't have enough to do last weekend! :)

  3. They look so pretty out on the table! I bet the mom-to-be loved it!