Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Cupcakes!

Happy Easter! This post will probably reach you too late to enjoy this year (unless, of course, you're Greek Orthodox and celebrating next weekend), but I thought I'd share anyway. You can always keep it in mind for next year. :)

Easter Cupcakes

There are actually two different designs here. The one requires coconut; the other requires a special decorating tip.

Method #1: Green Coconut Grass

In a small bowl, place the desired amount of coconut. Add a few drops of green food coloring and then toss like you're making a salad. Continue tossing until the green dye has spread as evenly as possible.

Ice your cupcake with white icing. Sprinkle some green coconut on top to be your "Easter grass." Then add a few jelly beans or chocolate candy eggs.

Method #2: Green Icing Grass

Tint your icing green. Fit a decorating bag with Wilton tip #233. (This tip has many tiny openings on top. It's good for making grass as well as hair.) Put your icing in the bag and hold your bag directly above your cupcake. Squeeze and pull up quickly. Release the bag after a short squeeze, and you'll have a little tuft of grass. Continue all over the top of the cupcake and then add your jelly bean or chocolate candy eggs.
If you want a fun way to display them, you can add some colorful plastic grass around the edges like I did in the photo above. Just don't let your guests eat the plastic grass. :)


  1. I made Easter nests this year using chow mein noodles, chocolate, and Whoppers Robin eggs. Lily loves them, Emmy...not so much!

    Did I tell you that the week before Easter I flew through the Hunger Games trilogy? I loved it!!

  2. You did not tell me that you flew through the Hunger Games! I knew you'd like them. Now we must convinced your neighbor across the street to do the same. :)

    Will you be posting pictures of your Easter nests on your blog? They sound yummy!